A fitful collection of oddities, mostly textual, subject to long stretches of inactivity interspersed with moments of frantic adjustment and amendation. Much like me.

I tend to work in themes and structures for a while, approaching the same image or idea from several different angles over the course of weeks, months,  sometimes years, sometimes decades. You can’t rush into things.  Consequently,  the different ’scapes overlap quite a bit.

Dreamscapes: flash fictions and semi-fictions.

Landscapes: reflections and responses to the natural world (though not nature writing in the conventional sense.)

Mindscapes: poems and fragments.

Runescapes: Thoughts, observations, and meditations on non-linear ways of knowing. Work on I Ching  began here has since moved to a dedicated site.


Posts dated prior to Mar 2010 originally appeared on gnostix1.blogstream.com or related pages, which has since died with an awful sound. Most have had some revision in the course of their migration.


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